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Why the Stock Market? Because it is still the investment vehicle that has the highest percentage return on money invested. The story of Bo Sanchez’s household helper who is now a ‘almost’ millionaire can be one of our inspirations. Another very good reason on why the stock market is the comfort of today’s technology. You don’t need to be there physically and trade, in fact I am an OFW who invests in the stock market.

But, please take note that the stock market is also a dangerous place. Your money may be gone in seconds. Always take time to learn before thinking of earning.

And as our website’s tagline declares A Better Portfolio For A Better Life, allow me to invite you to join me, as we journey towards our first million pesos through the stock market.

If you are a beginner continue reading below to learn How To Start Investing in the Stock Market the easy way.

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“Never Depend on a Single Income.
Make Investment to Create a Second Source”
-Warren Buffet

How To Invest In The Stock Market The Easy Way

Hi future investor,

This article is for you!

It took me 2 years to finally start investing in the stock market. And because of that experience I know how you feel right now. You really wanted to start but do not know how.

So, let us do it step by step:

Find Your Emotional Why

This is very important because all your efforts and desires to start investing will be determined on this deeper emotional why. It could be for your dream house, dream car, dream vacation, college tuition or dream wedding for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Most people do not last investing because there is no deeper desire to continue especially when the real market situation knocks them down.

Your investing experience later on will be tested by the market’s volatility. You might even lose your capital along the way. You might be surprise at how things will turn out to be the opposite of what you are expecting.

But, if you have your emotional why at the beginning, I am sure you will never give up and will be successful in your stock investment.

Open a COL Financial Account

Why COL Financial account? Actually, there are many other brokers available where you can open an account and start your stock market investment but let me recommend COL Financial because based on my experience, I never had any problem in all of my transactions with them.

So, to open a COL Financial Account, you need to fill up the application forms. Download the pdf files below, print it and fill up by hand. Then scan and submit through email to helpdesk@colfinancial.com. Keep all the original files with you until they are finished reviewing and advised you to ‘mail’ physically the documents together with the requirements to their office address.
Note: COL Forms can be filled up online as well, just visit their site.

1. COL Financial – Individual Forms complete

2. Then scan and submit through email to helpdesk@colfinancial.com

3. Fund your account. After COL reviews your document and valid IDs, you can now fund your account. Make a deposit to COL Financial’s Bank partners as follows, this is for OFWs like me:

Here’s my 5,500.00 pesos deposit when I open my account last July 2012:

Buy Your First Stock

Finally, the moment you are waiting for! It’s time to buy your first stock! What would it be? Check out our Stock Pick. For my first stock, i purchase EDC! 🙂

So, that’s it! Investing requires action! Don’t delay, you are wasting the time when your money will earn great through stock market investment.

Please read the full Disclaimer of this site Stock Investment made easy. Thank you.

As always, keep on learning and earning soon!

If you have any questions or clarifications, feel free to message me through the contact form.

You may watch the video below to invest in knowledge:

Video courtesy from: COL Financial Youtube Channel, visit by clicking HERE: