10 Best Tips for Future Investors

Are you reading a lot of articles about Investing? And still find yourself not starting yet?

Don’t worry, I was once an excited Investor like you. In fact, it took me 2 years to finally start Investing in the stock market (Watch my investing story short video, HERE).

10 Best Tips for Future Investors

That’s why today, let me share 10 Best Tips for Future Investors like you. I promise you, this is from my personal and close friends experiences.

Here we go:

1. Set Long Term Goals

How long really is a long term goal? For future successful investor like you, I would suggest at least 2 years.

In 2 years, you will have enough time to evaluate a stock you are holding on. The company also has enough time to prove whether they are growing or not. More importantly, within 2 years you will know more your feelings towards the company. So, 2 years is the minimum holding period of the stock that you will buy.

2. Understand your Risk Tolerance

This is very important. Each person has difference risk tolerance. To measure your personal risk tolerance, try to buy a product and check until where you are willing to pay for it. For example, a T-shirt that costs 3,000.00 pesos might be cheaper to some and expensive to most people.

In other words, be aware of your inner self. Listen and decide accordingly. Nobody has the full responsibilities of your actions and decisions but yourself. Most especially in your future stock market investments where it involves money that you earned through hard-work.

Please know yourself and be careful.

3. Control Your Emotions

Because money is involve in your future investment, it is very possible you become emotional. When you see your portfolio becomes red, the possibilities are you will feel bad about your investment. It happened to me, believe me. It is very hard to control your emotions in the beginning, especially if you see your money losses its value.

So, the best way to control your emotions is to educate yourself. Read more blogs, posts and articles about your future plans in investing. Watch videos or join free webinars about stock investing.

When your mind is full of knowledge, it can control your emotions.

4. Know the Basics First

What are these basics that you need to know first? Importantly:

  • How to open an account to a stock broker.
  • What are the requirements in opening an account.
  • How much money as an initial capital is needed.
  • Whom you will ask guidance and advice.
  • Are you really serious or just curious about this investing in the stock market.

Once this very basic questions are answered, immediately do the next steps to start your investment.

5. Apply what you know, not what you read

Assuming you already know the basics and the necessary steps to start your stock market investment, apply them right away. Why not follow what you read? Because, sometimes the writer or author have a different experience than you. You can use the items you are reading as a guide but decide according to your knowledge.

Meaning, do not stop learning. Keep on asking questions and find out the answers. Go out of your comfort zones, comment on Facebook group chats and discussions about stock investing.

6. Know the stocks and love them before buying

By now, at this point I believe you have idea already on what are the stocks you wanted to be in your portfolio. To mention some:

Bank and Financials

  • BDO – Banco de Oro
  • BPI – Bank of the Philippine Islands
  • MBT – Metrobank

Commercial and Industrial

  • CEB – Cebu Air Inc.
  • ABS – ABS CBN Broadcasting Corporation
  • GMA7 – GMA Network Inc.


  • AC – Ayala Corporation
  • GTCAP – GT Capital Holdings
  • SM – SM Investments Corporation


  • DNL – D & L Industries Inc.
  • PGOLD – PureGold Price Club Inc.
  • URC – Universal Robina Corporation


  • EDC – PNOC Energy Devt Corp
  • FGEN – First Gen Corp
  • MER – Manila Electric Company

Tips on deciding which stocks to choose buying in the future:

Do you have a bank account on any of the banks? Then be a share holder, buy stocks of that bank.

What TV station you love watching? Then be a share holder, buy stocks of that TV station.

In other words, buy stocks that you are personally or any of your friends and families are connected to.

Good luck on your choices in the future.

7. Investing is Boring

Yes, you read that right! Investing is boring… When you finally start your investment don’t think that your 5,000.00 pesos this week will become 1 million next week, ha ha! That’s an unbelievable example. Anyway, the point is, it takes time, time and time to grow your money. But, the good news is, it will ‘surely’ grow!

Perhaps forget the fast growth and focus on sure growth. Meaning, the money will surely grow  in the coming years!


8. Perform well in your daily job

This is very important. Don’t think that when you start investing you are already safe and all you have to do is wait till you reach your first Million pesos.

Nope! Instead, do the same things everyday. Perform well in your daily job and add a small amount of money regularly to your investment.


9. Only listen to those you know and trust

Of course, that includes me 🙂

You can check our ‘stock pick’ on this blog. These stock picks are a sure winner because they are big companies! They will not be closed or bankrupt for the next 10-20 years.

You can also become a member of the Truly Rich Club where members are guided regularly on how to invest successfully.
10. Start Now

This is an action tip! Nothing happens when you only keep on reading. You’ve already read a lot! You are afraid you might fail? Don’t worry, failure teaches you lessons. You are afraid you will loss money? I hope not. But its okay. They said, you need to pay for your education. But don’t get discourage, continue to ask, read and act.

Together, let us invest because this is the safest and slowly way to earn our first Million pesos.

As always, keep on learning and earning soon!

A Better Portfolio for a Better Life!


Disclaimer: These 10 Best Tips for future investors article is not responsible for any loss you may encounter in your stock market investing. Kindly do your due diligence in studying the stocks that you are buying and selling. Thank you.

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