Solutions to your deepest Investing Problems

Stock investing is the best investment vehicle of accumulating more wealth. For new and experienced investors here are the Solutions to your deepest Investing problems. 

Solutions to your deepest Investing Problems
Solutions to your deepest Investing Problems

Please note that I am talking to readers who are already invested. If you can understand the terms below, go ahead. If you are a beginner in the stock market, read this article first “Stock Market Investment made easy”. I hope that after reading this post, you will apply the solutions in your investing.

Here we go, the solutions to your deepest investing problems:

Problem 1: I’m not getting the GAINS I’m expecting.

Solution: Constantly adjust your stock’s average price to be below or near the buy below price. In that case, you are sure of getting bigger gains in the future.

For Buy Below prices, refer on this list “Stock Pick”

How will you constantly adjust your stock’s average price? You need to always add funds on your buying power to buy more shares when the opportunity comes. Meaning, deposit a small amount of money regularly. Probably after pay day.

Problem 2: I keep on thinking of my portfolio even if I’m at work.

Solution: Divert your thoughts. Think of investing but don’t focus on your portfolio. Think and rethink why did you want to invest in the first place. Gather your thoughts and make plans on how you achieve the reason why you invest. Remember that you need to focus on your work because without it you don’t have money to save and invest.

Finally, calm yourself by just sharing your investing thoughts and ideas to family and friends. Or by making comments on financial literacy facebook pages.

Problem 3: I’ve seen a lot of stock recommendations and tempted to follow them.

Solution: You are not alone. Me also, when I see how they comment on facebook pages it seems like they know everything. Here’s the best thing to do, shrugged of the idea, smile and tell to yourself “I know what I’m doing”!

Always focus only on where you get your recommendations. If you want to be guided on your investing decisions, you might want to consider becoming a Truly Rich Club member. I am a member and it’s nice.

Problem 4: I get frustrated seeing my portfolio turning Green to Red then back and forth.

Solution: Let me divide the solution into 2 parts. First part is if you have Buying Power. If you have buying power, looking at your portfolio becoming red is a good opportunity. Because our basic rule is always the same, Buy Low and Sell High. The second part is if you don’t have buying power. If you don’t have buying power, look at your portfolio once a day. When the market is already close at 3:30 in the afternoon, this is best time to check your portfolio.

Remind yourself that these everyday noise of Green and Red and back and forth are important but not necessarily should affect you as an investor. Focus on the future, be long-term minded investor.

Problem 5: I always don’t have enough money or buying power in my portfolio

Solution: 3 days before your salary will come. List down your expenses and always include savings and investment in your list! And when the money comes, deposit it right away. Make it a habit. Slowly but surely.


In other words, I am just encouraging you that these problems are normal and can be tamed by your constant learning. Investing should give you peace of mind and not worries.

After all, we all want and hold on that beautiful promise that one day, yes one day. You and me will be Multi-Millionaires!

As always, keep on learning and earning soon!

Dividend: Your extra gift as an Investor

Earning in the stock market for the long term is a great gift for yourself and your family already. Yet receiving Dividend: Your extra gift as an investor is amazing. Wow! Just wow!

Dividend: Your extra gift as an Investor

Don’t be surprised because big companies give dividend on a regular once in a year basis. This is the company’s way of saying thank you to you for buying their stocks.

There are just few things that you need to remember regarding dividends.


METROPOLITAN BANK & TRUST COMPANY - Declaration of Cash Dividend
YearCashEx-DateRecord DatePayable

Now, let’s discuss them further.

In 2017 MBT declares a 1.00 peso cash dividend to all their share holders.

Ex-Date means if you purchase a stock on its ex-dividend date or after, you will not receive the next dividend payment. Instead, the seller gets the dividend. If you purchase before the ex-dividend date, you get the dividend.

Record Date means on this date you must be on the company’s books as a shareholder to receive the dividend.

Payable means this is the date you will receive the cash dividend.

In my case, I did not receive from MBT because I purchase shares on March 27 which was after the record date of March 9.

So, for your future investments or if you want to add stocks on your portfolio, you might want to consider checking the company’s history of declaring cash or stocks dividends. You might consider one of these companies, see full list HERE.

It might be a small amount but it is surely an extra gift as an investor. You can use the money either to re invest or withdraw the money to reward yourself.

In conclusion, stock market investment is really a good option to grow your money. Although, I know it needs a lot of self discipline and a regular capital. Focus on this opportunity by studying it well. Ask your family and friends for support and encouragement.

I really wish you will be one of us who enjoys investing in the Philippine Stock Market.

As always, keep on learning and earning soon!