7 Questions You need to Answer before applying a Bank Loan

Being tight financially is very common to all of us, but don’t you know that it is okay to apply for a bank loan? Just make sure you pass the test by answering these 7 Questions You need to Answer before applying a Bank Loan.

7 Questions You need to Answer before applying a Bank Loan
7 Questions You need to Answer before applying a Bank Loan


Okay, so you wanted to apply for a Bank Loan. By the way, there are many kinds of loans but that is not our topic for today. Let’s focus on Bank Loans.

The questions are not that hard as you may think but they must be answered and deal with accordingly. Sabi nga eh, nasa huli ang pagsisisi…

Anyway, here we go:

  1. How much money do you exactly need?
    Before going to the bank, I strongly suggest you already know how much money do you exactly need. Because bank loan officers will offer you the maximum amount loan-able based on your basic salary computations. And chances are, the extra money will just go to ‘unplanned shopping’.Therefore, if you can write the amount on a piece of paper the better. And when you talk to the bank loans officer just hand him over the piece of paper and tell him, this is the exact money I wanted to loan.
  2. Do you know the correct interest of your bank loan?
    The most common information everybody ignore or take for granted is the interest rate of your loan. The moment you know you are qualified to apply for a bank loan. Make it a habit to ask for the interest because when your salary is on the same bank you are applying the loan, the interest is lower. Which also means when you are applying a bank loan to another bank, the interest rates are higher. Check out BPI’s Personal Loan details here.So, don’t ignore this important detail. Before signing the loan agreement, be aware of everything especially the interest rates.
  3. What is the purpose when you have the money already?
    Assuming everything went okay from processing till releasing of your loan. The next question you need to answer is What is the purpose of this money? I heard stories of how people ‘misuse’ money from loans by going straight to the mall. Buying stuffs not planned in the beginning because, there is money available in the pocket. Please don’t fall on this kind of mistake my friend.Again, it is very advisable to list down where your money will be spent once you have it in your hands. Of course, you can have a nice lunch with your family as a reward for your efforts.
  4. Can you afford the monthly payment later on?
    Uhm, this is crucial because you need to include the monthly payment in your monthly expenses. Don’t ever think that you will still spend the same amount from your salary before your loan. When the bank loan officer processes your papers, take note of this and write this to remind yourself monthly.Okay? your monthly payment is already a part of your monthly expenses. To help you in your monthly expenses you might want to consider investing in the stock market, read this article.
  5. How many years you wanted to pay for this bank loan?
    Normally, the bank loan officer would compute it for you. But, I want you to personally know how many years you wanted to pay for it. There must be a plan so that you will not be buried ‘literally’ in debt for so many years.Of course, you decide it together as a husband and wife or as partners. After all, you will be both affected by your monthly budget later on.
  6. What is your plan when you finished paying the bank loan?
    Looking forward, when things do as per plan and you are able to fully pay your loan, what is next? I mean, if your financial situation is still the same you will apply for a loan again? Some people don’t even reached the end of the loan and make a ‘top-up’ loan already which I strongly disagree.So, a plan in the beginning and a plan at the end is necessary.
  7. Are you sure you need to apply for a bank loan?
    Haha, finally after a lot of question and answer portion. This is the final question you need to answer… Are you sure you need to apply for a bank loan?Meaning, convince yourself. Talk to yourself and finally after going through all these process. Answer this question and if you really need it, then go for it.

    Good luck and I hope you had an idea how it is important to answer these questions before applying for a bank loan.

    As always, keep on learning earning soon!

How To Overcome Your Fear in Investing

Basic knowledge with gathered facts and figures will help you How to overcome your fear in Investing. 

Basically investing is for everyone but only few have the courage to start, study and profit. The difference? Fear!

How To Overcome Your Fear in Investing
How To Overcome Your Fear in Investing

So, how do you really overcome your fear in investing? Here’s some quick thoughts from me:



I know this seems to be very difficult to digest. But, what if I tell you that a housemaid just became a Millionaire since July 2016? Yes, she is the housemaid of Bro. Bo Sanchez and she is now a Millionaire by investing in the stock market.

Does 1 Million makes you poorer? I don’t think so…

The confidence that she has right now. The experience that she encounter and the discipline she develop during investing must have make her a little more richer.

You must read and re-read the book “My Maid Invest in the Stock Market” to fully appreciate what I am talking about.



I always say at the end of my facebook posts, keep on learning and earning soon! Simply because, knowing the basic will make your life easier.

But, let us be honest here. Investing is not easy because not all are doing it. Maybe some people knows but they are afraid, they have no capital, they have no idea or they have a bad experience heard from a friend or co-league.

So, how would you know the basics then? There are just so many ways and to mention some:

  • attend a webinar about investing
  • watch youtube videos about investing
  • ask and be informed about investing


A few might disagree with me on this. But, I will stand to what I say that investing is fun and rewarding. Fun in the sense that it involves a lot of your energy and emotions. Especially for newbie investors. And most especially if you see how your money is gaining or losing at times.

Rewarding in the event of gaining of course. And I believe it will boost your self confidence, knowing you are invested and some of your friends are not.

To be honest, there are still many things I can say about investing and How To Overcome Your Fear in Investing. But, in the end it is you and you alone can find and bring peace in your investing experience.

If you have any doubts, please feel free to message me and I will attend as soon as possible.

Thank you.

OFW Stock Market Investment Tips and Tricks

As an OFW I can very much relate on this topic OFW Stock Market Investment Tips and Tricks!

OFW Stock Market Investment Tips and Tricks
OFW Stock Market Investment Tips and Tricks

Hi fellow OFWs, I am investing in the stock market since 2012. Through this blog post I am hoping that it will inspire people like you to start your own journey towards investing in the Philippine Stock Market.

Even before I fly from our country and work abroad (Kingdom of Bahrain). I already knew about stock market investment because of Bro. Bo Sanchez. In 2012 I enroll in The Truly Rich Club and start investing since then.

But this post is not about me, it’s about you! I want to share with you how an OFW can easily invest in the stock market using very simple Tips and Tricks.

We all know that OFWs like us decided to work abroad for a better paying job. With the most common dreams of providing a better for future for our families left behind.

To start with, here are the OFW Stock Market Investment Tips:


This tip is very easy because you don’t need to spend anything to get started. Why are we going to do this? Because this is very effective! I know you might get frustrated in the beginning but I’m telling you, it pays in the end.

When doing this tip include everything, even the small amount you spend for your personal needs like shampoo, lotion, roll-on, anything, all of them. By doing this for the first time, you will discover that you are already spending more than your income. Don’t be afraid. Do it again next month. List down everything.

The purpose is to discover what expenses you can cut and use the same ‘small’ amount of money to invest.

For example, nothing really is left then maybe you have a loan or debt that will finish in the next 5-6 months. Then wait until you fully pay your loan or debt and use the money to invest.


The fact about OFW is that, we work through an ‘Employment Contract’. In the Middle East it last for at least 2 years.

Act Fast and Act Now means, the moment you start receiving your money on your first contract, save right away and invest right away! You don’t know if you will be renewed or not on the same job.

Don’t wait long before saving and investing, otherwise you will end up taking the latest gadget or buying signature clothes like most other OFWs.

Be focus and share only your investing plans to friends who understand and support you.


OFW Stock Market Investment Tricks:


This trick is very important. Discuss with your wife/husband/children and let them understand that you are saving and investing for your future.

If you think you cannot explain well to them, ask a financial adviser to explain to them. You can ask me too, just let me know through email using our contact form.

Your families support and understand will make your investment easy, faster and successful.


There are a lot of facebook fan pages about stock investing. Join them and make them as your personal support to encourage yourself.

Read and be inspired on true to life stories of your fellow investors. Attach yourself to these fb fan pages rather than using your spare time watching ‘Telenovelas’.

Most of of all, perform well in your job and when your salary comes, always set aside a small amount of money for savings and investing right away.

That’s it!

It’s been a long talk already. For more details on how to invest, visit our Home Page.

Note: If you are already investing, congratulations! Kindly share this to our ‘Kabayans’ who are asking, planning and interested in investing the stock market. Thank you.



Solutions to your deepest Investing Problems

Stock investing is the best investment vehicle of accumulating more wealth. For new and experienced investors here are the Solutions to your deepest Investing problems. 

Solutions to your deepest Investing Problems
Solutions to your deepest Investing Problems

Please note that I am talking to readers who are already invested. If you can understand the terms below, go ahead. If you are a beginner in the stock market, read this article first “Stock Market Investment made easy”. I hope that after reading this post, you will apply the solutions in your investing.

Here we go, the solutions to your deepest investing problems:

Problem 1: I’m not getting the GAINS I’m expecting.

Solution: Constantly adjust your stock’s average price to be below or near the buy below price. In that case, you are sure of getting bigger gains in the future.

For Buy Below prices, refer on this list “Stock Pick”

How will you constantly adjust your stock’s average price? You need to always add funds on your buying power to buy more shares when the opportunity comes. Meaning, deposit a small amount of money regularly. Probably after pay day.

Problem 2: I keep on thinking of my portfolio even if I’m at work.

Solution: Divert your thoughts. Think of investing but don’t focus on your portfolio. Think and rethink why did you want to invest in the first place. Gather your thoughts and make plans on how you achieve the reason why you invest. Remember that you need to focus on your work because without it you don’t have money to save and invest.

Finally, calm yourself by just sharing your investing thoughts and ideas to family and friends. Or by making comments on financial literacy facebook pages.

Problem 3: I’ve seen a lot of stock recommendations and tempted to follow them.

Solution: You are not alone. Me also, when I see how they comment on facebook pages it seems like they know everything. Here’s the best thing to do, shrugged of the idea, smile and tell to yourself “I know what I’m doing”!

Always focus only on where you get your recommendations. If you want to be guided on your investing decisions, you might want to consider becoming a Truly Rich Club member. I am a member and it’s nice.

Problem 4: I get frustrated seeing my portfolio turning Green to Red then back and forth.

Solution: Let me divide the solution into 2 parts. First part is if you have Buying Power. If you have buying power, looking at your portfolio becoming red is a good opportunity. Because our basic rule is always the same, Buy Low and Sell High. The second part is if you don’t have buying power. If you don’t have buying power, look at your portfolio once a day. When the market is already close at 3:30 in the afternoon, this is best time to check your portfolio.

Remind yourself that these everyday noise of Green and Red and back and forth are important but not necessarily should affect you as an investor. Focus on the future, be long-term minded investor.

Problem 5: I always don’t have enough money or buying power in my portfolio

Solution: 3 days before your salary will come. List down your expenses and always include savings and investment in your list! And when the money comes, deposit it right away. Make it a habit. Slowly but surely.


In other words, I am just encouraging you that these problems are normal and can be tamed by your constant learning. Investing should give you peace of mind and not worries.

After all, we all want and hold on that beautiful promise that one day, yes one day. You and me will be Multi-Millionaires!

As always, keep on learning and earning soon!

Dividend: Your extra gift as an Investor

Earning in the stock market for the long term is a great gift for yourself and your family already. Yet receiving Dividend: Your extra gift as an investor is amazing. Wow! Just wow!

Dividend: Your extra gift as an Investor

Don’t be surprised because big companies give dividend on a regular once in a year basis. This is the company’s way of saying thank you to you for buying their stocks.

There are just few things that you need to remember regarding dividends.


METROPOLITAN BANK & TRUST COMPANY - Declaration of Cash Dividend
YearCashEx-DateRecord DatePayable

Now, let’s discuss them further.

In 2017 MBT declares a 1.00 peso cash dividend to all their share holders.

Ex-Date means if you purchase a stock on its ex-dividend date or after, you will not receive the next dividend payment. Instead, the seller gets the dividend. If you purchase before the ex-dividend date, you get the dividend.

Record Date means on this date you must be on the company’s books as a shareholder to receive the dividend.

Payable means this is the date you will receive the cash dividend.

In my case, I did not receive from MBT because I purchase shares on March 27 which was after the record date of March 9.

So, for your future investments or if you want to add stocks on your portfolio, you might want to consider checking the company’s history of declaring cash or stocks dividends. You might consider one of these companies, see full list HERE.

It might be a small amount but it is surely an extra gift as an investor. You can use the money either to re invest or withdraw the money to reward yourself.

In conclusion, stock market investment is really a good option to grow your money. Although, I know it needs a lot of self discipline and a regular capital. Focus on this opportunity by studying it well. Ask your family and friends for support and encouragement.

I really wish you will be one of us who enjoys investing in the Philippine Stock Market.

As always, keep on learning and earning soon!