How To Speed Up Your Stock Investment

How time flies. Have you noticed we are halfway of 2017 already? How about your stock investment? Are they doing well? Anyway, today let us learn a few perks on How to Speed Up your Stock Investment.

How To Speed Up Your Stock Investment
How To Speed Up Your Stock Investment

Most of us Investors are almost running out of time. For the past five years I’ve been experiencing ups and downs on my stocks investments. Allow me to share with you the most if not the best solution on How to speed up your stock investment.

I made that clear, avoid ‘bad’ debt because there are also good debt. What are bad debt then? Our Previous article talks about debt or loan, you can re-read that later. Anyway, bad debts are debts that doesn’t return money to your wallet, period.

After acquiring the money from bad debt, it goes directly to luxurious shopping, excessive dining and unlimited entertainment. We don’t want this to happen.

If you want to speed up your stock investment then avoid bad debt and continue adding a small regular amount to your investment regularly.

Separate Savings from Investment
Many people make the common mistake of thinking that their investment is their savings. No! When you set aside money for investment, do not touch it for urgent needs.

Meaning, allocate two groups of money for savings and investment.

Another important matter to consider is emergency fund. This must be different from the two.

Again, to speed up your stock investment, separate the money for savings and investment.

Increase your Cash Flow
Finally, what does this mean? It means, don’t depend on your salary only. Do some extra things to earn some extra cash. There are many opportunities out there. In my case, I am blogging as my second source of income.

You can do tutorial, free lancing or extra labor to mention some.

In other words, your stock investment will speed up if you have more than one source of income.

In conclusion, your investment is already your second source of income as mentioned by Warren Buffet ‘Don’t depend on a single income, make investment as a second source’.

But, if you want to speed up your stock investment, please be reminded of these very important topic today.

Thank you very much.

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